About us!

Photograph: Marie Loré

Solid Harmony's is a very small kennel breeding cocker spaniels.

We've had cocker since 1993 and got our kennel prefix in 1999 and that's when we had our first litter of cockers as well.

We live just outside the town of Trollhättan in a village called Sjuntorp, 60 km north of Gothenburg.


In summer 2005 we even tried the EVP (basic water trial) and passed!  Holly then started the SVP (track and water trial) in 2006 and passed that too!


Our dogs are spoiled members of the family who are very active and sometimes even awarded prizes within such wide-varying activities as: person and game search, search and water retrieval, agility, obedience and dog shows.




Our two old ladies Ronja & Madicken passed away during winter 2005/2006 with only two months between them. They leave a great vacuum behind them but we can console ourselves with Madicken's offspring who are paving the way to the future.

Currently, our "family" consists of Nova and her daughters Penny & Tess as well as 4 puppies born 2018-05-15!

The most important thing for us is that our puppies find good and caring homes. Potential puppy owners need to have done their homework!






"Holly" proudly poses with her rabbit
Our two original cockers Ronja and "Madicken" sadly departed this world during a bleak winter between 2005 and 2006 with only two months separating their deaths.  They left a big hole in our lives but we can take solace in the fact that we have the generations after "Madicken" as our future.


Holly poserar stolt med kaninen på SVP!



A dog is not simply a cute accessory or something to look good in a picture.
The cocker spaniel was orginally a hunting dog as well as wildfowl retriever. They require mental and physical ACTIVITY and COAT CARE!


Holly i sitt rätta element!

Then you get a wonderful friend, both wet and dry!


You are most welcome to our website and please feel free to write something in our guestbook -  that is always appreciated!


//Marie Helenius & Simon Raymond, Odens väg 4, S-461 78 Sjuntorp, Sweden. Tel. +46 702645228